He has been devoted to the field of strength and conditioning, and human performance for more than 20 years.

After graduating from Sycamore High School, Matt trained under world-renowned powerlifter and strength coach Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell. At Westside Matt trained with Olympic athletes, world-record powerlifters, and mixed martial artists from around the world.

He became proficient in the use of several training approaches that rapidly and effectively increase human performance including:

  • G.P.P
  • The Conjugate Method
  • Percent Training
  • Dynamic Effort Training
  • Max Effort Training
  • The Repeated Effort Method

While training with Simmons Matt was offered an internship with the University of Pittsburgh’s football program and their legendary strength coach Buddy Morris. As one of the nation’s first strength and conditioning coaches, Buddy was known for his mastery of sport science and sports injury rehabilitation. As an intern Matt worked with red shirt players, helping them get up to speed with the rest of the team. During that time Matt also earned a BA in Science from Wilmington College.

Matt followed Coach Morris to the Cleveland Browns. As Coach Morris’ assistant in the strength and conditioning department, Matt was responsible for taking players through their warm-ups, workouts, and recovery sessions.

BEAT Personal Training

After Cleveland Matt opened the first of 10 BEAT Personal Training facilities in 2003.

Matt achieved success by applying the high level secrets of the pros to the “ordinary” individual. He says “Everyone is an athlete, they just need the right environment to let it show. “

Matt and BEAT have helped over 1,000 clients transform their lives through strength training and lifestyle changes. The secret is applying scientific principles to the training programs.

Matt spends 2-3 weekends every year attending seminars keeping up on new developments in strength and conditioning, and human performance. He is known for his ability to spot weaknesses and correct it with the proper exercises. He’s also known for crafting tremendous programs that elicit rapid gains for his clients.

Accomplished Strength Athlete

In addition to his successful coaching career, Matt is an accomplished strength athlete. He qualified for Junior nationals in Olympic weightlifting in 1997. Matt attained elite ranking (the highest ranking a powerlifter can receive) and has held top national rankings in multiple weight classes in powerlifting including a 660lb dead-lift at 198lb body weight.

Today Matt continues to work with clients of all ages and abilities at BEAT Personal Training in Oakley.