BEAT has long been the secret ingredient behind some of the country’s greatest athletes and programs.   Our work has been seen in Division 1 track and field, NFL football, MLS soccer, professional baseball, state championship baseball, and lacrosse. One thing that our athletes have been known for is producing brutal top end speed with amazing accelerative and de-accelerative capabilities.    Now BEAT is offering a six-week rapid result speed and acceleration program to jump-start you for your competitive season.  

BEAT utilizes state of the art equipment combined with 15 years of competitive coaching expertise to deliver unparalleled gains in speed and power speed development you’ve been told are not possible.   We can break it down into three simple steps.  

Over-Speed Treadmill: 

  • Our custom made treadmill allows athletes to run up to 25mph and up to a 40-degree incline. 
  • Running at inclines serves as a special strength building exercise specific to sprinting and accelerating.    
  • Being able to increase the speed of a sprint allows us to teach the athlete to run faster than they are currently accustom to, this has been proven to increase sprint speed, as well as stride length, without sacrificing stride frequency.  
  • Precise settings allow athletes to train at true velocity training zones
  • Speed and acceleration is a skill, the treadmill allows the athlete to receive real time feedback from their coach with regards to their sprint mechanics and technique.  

Sprint Specific Strength:

  • Incline Treadmill Running Builds Speed Specific Strength 
  • Plyo-metric Training takes advantage of the Stretch Shortening Cycle to elicit rapid firing muscles that generate astounding results
  • Targeted Strength Training allows athletes to generate more forceful muscle contractions specific to the manner in they occur when running and jumping.  
  • Air pressure machines eliminate momentum which leads to increased fast twitch muscle recruitment and decreased injuries.  

Sprinting is a skill

  • Specific drills to teach you to truly sprint rather than run fast
  • Real time feed back while sprinting on treadmill allows athletes to better understand and learn how to sprint efficiently